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I'm happy to be a Washington Native and even happier to be living here again.  I spent a number of years living, working, and photographing in Nevada, followed by a move to the Bay Area (near San Francisco) and then up into the mountains just outside Yosemite National Park in a little town called Oakhurst.  Another move to the Bay Area and then back to Oakhurst.  Finally in 2001 I moved back to Washington where I now live just outside of Port Ludlow, on the Olympic Peninsula. 


I've been involved with photography since 1972 when I first realized I could develop my own film and make my own prints. Early on my fascination with the magic that happened in the darkroom kept me motivated when my images were, well less than inspiring.  To be honest my work didn't really improve much until 1991 when I purchased my first 4x5 camera - A Zone VI field camera made of American Cherry.  This had several effects on me beside the extra weight, the greatest was the need to slow down and really look at what I was photographing. 



Having to use a tripod, hold a dark cloth over my head so I could see the image on the ground glass, work the camera controls, all contributed to slowing me down and giving me time to really thing about the image. Having the image appear upside down on the ground glass, a full 4" x 5" view screen on which to examine the image also made profound difference. It was about this time that I really started to SEE.  I started noticing all those annoying things used to show up in my pictures that weren't there when I took them, well not that I remembered anyway.  I also upgraded my dark room and was finally happy with the quality of prints I was making.  Most of my work is B&W as I feel it's capable of making a stronger emotional statement than color, although it's generally easer to make a pleasing image in color. 


The next big change came in 2004 with the purchase of an Imacon Scanner and an Epson 9600 printer.  While I like doing traditional darkroom work, and still develop my own B&W film and do some printing.  I found that I can get the same or better quality in a fraction of the time by scanning my film and then working with Photoshop to do the same jobs I would do in the darkroom and take care of all the print spotting (removing dust and scratches).  It also let me do my own color printing for the first time which meant that I could make the final color print look as much like that wonderful 4x5 transparency as possible. 


I've recently started doing some commercial work, primarily photographing kitchens and baths for a cabinet designer.  I enjoy this new challenge and the fact that it actually pays!  With a little luck and a lot of hard work I hope to add some architects and landscapers to my list of clients.