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Film Scanning

Film Size Scan Resolution File Size Price
35mm Slides* 5000ppi approx 176Mb e-mail
35mm Negatives 5000ppi approx 176Mb e-mail
6x4.5cm 4000ppi   e-mail
6x6cm 3200ppi   e-mail
6x7cm     e-mail
6x9cm     e-mail
4x5 inch  2040ppi 460Mb $14.00

Price Includes burning images to CD or DVD.   On request I can also do color correction and dust removal via PhotoShop for $5 per scan.

*Slides need to be unmounted scanned and remounted. 

Architectural Product Photography rates:

$50/hour on site.  Travel costs by arrangement.

Product Photography rates:

$50/hour on site.  Travel costs by arrangement.


$20.00 per 4x5 transparency shot for film & development costs.   (Full resolution scan, dust removal, and color correction plus transfer to CD or DVD included.)

Client receives CD's or DVD's (clients choice) with all useable images, and matching transparency (when 4x5 film is used) plus rights to use the image for publication, prints, and digital use.   Use in print or digital publication requires photographer credit.

I will retain rights to use images for digital and print publication and portfolio prints.   There will be a small additional charge when model releases for property and or people represented in the images are not available as this prevents me from using these images for my website.